How to retreive the value of an iterator binding variable programmatically in ADF?

If you’ve read my others Oracle ADF how-to article, you know that I always highly recommend using the JSFUtils and ADFUtils open source class for ADF. Those are a must have for any ADF project and will save you hours of work.

JSFUtils and ADFUtils are two utility java class made by 3 ADF heroes Duncan Mills, Steve Muench and Ric Smith. You can easily find those using your favorite search engine.

The function I use the most from those is the resolveExpression that allow the ADF developer to get the value of an ADF binding directly from the view page without having to implement a complex java code to query the View Object again and iterate through rows.

Here is a simple example on how to use the JSFUtils resolveExpression to retrieve the value of an ADF binding directly from the view page El Expression:

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