Screenshots of and ADF View Object List of Value

When one of your attribute in your View Object is a List Of Values, ADF will add an unselected element that will be shown as the default value.
You will often be asked to have the first value being selected by default, to do that we need to add a function to the VO Implementation. (RowImplementation if the LOV is part of a table row)

Let’s see the following example of an ADF table with LOV on each line:

  • We have the VO that is used to display a table.
  • In this VO table, we have the NextStatus which is an LOV based on another VO (see
  • In the we add the following function to return the first value if no value is already selected
  • In the Detail panel of the attribute add the following Default Value Expression: adf.object.defaultNextStatus()
  • Set the refresh Expression Value to false to avoid picking the first value again in case of ppr/refresh

That’s it, the first value of the LOV will be automatically selected before display.

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