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Top news from AWS Re:Invent 2017

So a lot of announcement from AWS went live last week in Vegas but here are the ones that definitely got my attention :

A couple of interesting features on the Database side :

  • Aurora now go Serverless

Customer will be able to create database instance that will shutdown when not used.
+ Game changer for Startups and hobbyist. It will cost way less AWS fund while working on a project – No more paying for an idle database.
+ distribute databases across multiple different datacenters with AWS Aurora Multi-Master feature

  • Amazon DynamoDB new backup features

Well, I’ve been expecting this since my first spin with DynamoDB.
This fast backup/restore feature will be used for maintenance/testing and definitely great for environment migration.

  • Amazon Neptune

Amazon Neptune is a promising whole new graph database service that aims to help us build an application to map multiple relationships between a variety of different entities.
I will not be using this in the near future as it doesn’t apply to my current projects but it’s definitely a tool to keep in mind.
+ Support Apache TinkerPop and W3C RDF graph model
+ Replicas can be spread to multiple availability zones
– Still targeting developers used to GREMLIN and SPARQL

AWS also expanded its IoT tools with machine learning and security.

  • Amazon SageMaker for easy to set up machine learning

I will definitively take this one for a spin as machine learning can provide significant benefits to customers with the right data.
Sagemaker is a new middleware designed to make it easier for everyday developers and scientists to build their own custom machine learning systems.
+ Machine learning without the need for deep expertise.
+ Simple pick algorithm mechanic (TensorFlow, MXNet, Caffe, …)
+ Handle all the work (setting up data pipelines, Elastic Block Storage volumes)
– Data need to be stored in S3 (Same prerequisite similar to others AWS services)

We can now run function using up to 3008 Mo. (And it’s a lot !)
+ Will run faster
+ This will be great for running big data analysis/statistics or big file manipulation
– I may take this excuse to not optimize the function logic.

  • AWS Amazon MQ

Well an AWS Queuing Service was missing from the AWS offering.
And it looks like this one could respond to any need.
+ JMS, NMS, AMQP, STOMP, MQTT et WebSocket
+ Queue Monitoring
+ Integration with lambda and API

And last but not least :

  • AWS Cloud 9 IDE now available inside the AWS console

I’ve been using Cloud 9 IDE for a while now and it’s a cool tool to work on multiple computers from anywhere.
Having it integrated with the AWS CLI and Lambda ecosystems is an exciting news.
+ AWS CLI inside Cloud 9 IDE
– No account migration yet if you were already subscribed to C9 offering

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