Screenshots of JDeveloper https credential configurationto fix SunCertPathBuilderException

How to configure JDeveloper to trust an SSL certificate and fix PKIX path building failed when connecting to an Https URL?

There are multiple reasons to want your JDeveloper 11g/12c installation to connect to an HTTPS URL. You could, for example, need an application you’re developing to connect to a web service over SSL or configure a Maven install that connect to an HTTPS nexus URL.

I you try to do so with the default installation the following error will occur: PKIX path building unable to find validcertification path to requested target

To fix this, you’ll first need to retreive the certificate .crt file from the SSL URL. You can either ask for it or try and retreive it from your browser URL.

Retrieve SSL certificate from URL

  • Navigate to your HTTPS URL in your favorite web browser
  • Click on the padlock next to the URL in your web browser
  • Click the certificate button
  • Navigate to the detail tab
  • Click on copy to file and extract a .crt file

Add SSL certificate to JDeveloper truststore

Once you have the certificate .crt file, you’ll need to add it to the JDeveloper truststore for JDeveloper to trust the HTTPS URL. Here is how to do it :

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