How to migrate an SVN repository to GIT and your company Gitlab?

Companies often want to implement a Jenkins or Gitlab pipeline to improve their development quality and automate their continuous testing. Companies will then often migrate their source control software from SVN to GIT and Gitlab.

Following John Albin great article available here and Gitlab documentation I migrated a couple of SVN repository to GIT as described below.

Configure your local GIT configuration so it can communicate with your company Gitlab server :

This part isn’t related to migrating your SVN to a GIT repository, but it’s the first thing you’ll need to do to push your migrated source code to your remote Gitlab server. (Up to date Gitlab doc available here:

Once this is done we can start migrating our SVN repository to Git.

Converting an SVN repository to Git and pushing it to Gitlab:

In this part, i had to modify a bit of John tutorial as my project didn’t had a standard SVN layout and added how to push the converted result to your company Gitlab.

That’s it. You should now be able to use your newly converted Git repository with your company Gitlab and start adding some continuous improvement pipelines.

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