SQL Queries to debug Oracle SOA BPEL

If you run Oracle SOA BPEL on-premise and at scale, you know how easier it can be to monitor your SOA BPEL processes through SQL queries. Those SQL queries get more profitable the more SOA BPEL instances you get, as the Enterprise Manager console usually doesn’t work for big payloads.

In this previous article, you can find useful SQL Queries for monitoring Oracle SOA BPEL to :

  • Identify BPEL Errors from the last 10 minutes 
  • Identify Business faults from the previous 10 minutes
  • Identify instance not purged after the retention period (here 70 days)
  • Get the number of process and their states for each composite name and revision (useful to identify composites due to be undeployed)
  • Multiple SQL queries to monitor the database size
  • Get the list of composite, revision, and date of their last instances

This time you’ll find below a couple of SQL queries to :

  • SQL Query to provide detail audit trail via SQL (useful when a flowtrace can’t be open)
  • SQL to get detailed status of a BPEL instance and his ECID Replace Flowtrace
  • Queries to find a specific BPEL instance to avoid flowtrace
  • Display the BPEL instance that had a fault during the past 10 minutes
  • SQL Query to identify an audit trail being set at a wrong level in production
  • Identify BPEL timer not triggered for the last 7 days
  • List the number of currently running composite per revision and state (check if a revision still have running instances)

Useful SQL queries to debug Oracle SOA BPEL

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